How to choose the Right Banner Ad for your next Marketing Campaign?

Display advertising is a most preferred and effective method of marketing and engaging new prospects. Banner Ad is an essential part of Display Advertising Campaigns since the right banner Ad can connect instantly with audience to promote or advertise your brand, product or service. Among different types of ad banner design, selecting the correct banner type for your next Marketing Campaign is very crucial. Let’s see a few trending ones now-a-days:

Static Banner Ads

Simple image and text based banner are always easy to remember and makes an impact. This banner type has an eye-catchy visual with a clearly visible call to action which can be quickly acted upon. It usually includes JPEG and PNG images format; however you should always consider the file size before using the ad.

GIF Animated Banners

Use of multiple images in an animated loop sequence with defined display time for each image is called as GIF animated banner. This banner type is popular among companies who want to display more than one product or service in a single banner ad. And it certainly does captures viewers’ attention because of multiple upright images used.

HTML5 Animated Banners

Example HTML5 Ads are sourced from

Need to design a creative, media-rich banner; HTML5 banner is the right choice as it can have a mix of appealing content, varied graphics with videos and many other HTML5 components to grab audience attention. These ads are made responsive thus can scale across devices. Study says brands experience higher levels of viewer engagement from rich media HTML5 ads which results into better click-through rates and viewability.

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows the most targeted form of advertising where by you can reach your exact audience based on their age, interests, behaviour and location. Running Ads on Facebook mean getting maximum audience engagement and ROI. Facebook accepts ads in formats like image, video, slide-show, carousal etc. and in accordance to guidelines for dimensions, file size and character limit.

Banner Ads for Mobile

Advertising on mobile devices have become very popular. In today’s world, about 80% of population use smartphones and they spend a lot of time on their mobile. Mobile banner ads gets displayed through partner apps, web page and while playing games.

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