Social Media proved to be the easiest way to connect with audience to gain maximum attention and engagement. They allow you to run audience specific marketing and promotional campaigns i.e. targeted engagement based upon demographics factors like age, gender, locations etc.

Social Media Cover Image is the most vital asset in any Social Media Marketing Campaign. These are creatively and strategically designed to focus upon the product or the service you’re promoting.

Each Social Media platform is different, thus each platform has its own specifications and guidelines when it comes to Social Media Cover Image design. Not only the sizes are different, the visual position of your cover image is also different for each platform.

We help you design Social Media Cover Images exclusively to match your marketing and promotional campaigns which result into increase in organic reach and a more human connection with your audience, while also staying creative and original all the time. Based on your campaign idea, you can order Social Media Cover Designs for the platforms of your choice.

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Design Ready In 4 Simple Steps

“Simplicity of Approach is Always Best”



Based on what graphical assets are needed by your marketing or advertisement campaign, select appropriate service package per your requirement.



Submit your order with details of your design expectations, design files and make payment. We accept rough sketch, PDF, PSD and other design formats.



We share designed files with you for your review & approval. At this stage, you can suggest alternations and corrections before we finally deliver the assets to you.



Post approval, we will deliver designed files in all required formats like JPEG, PNG, HTML, sliced project images. Source files are also available on request.