Best Kinetic Typography Ideas

Words can be attractive but it can be more influential if the visual presentation is effective. In fact, the right presentation increases the influence of the written content which makes it more satisfying for readers.

What is Kinetic Typography & Why It Is Important?

Typography is an art and craft of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing when displayed. Kinetic typography has an added advantage as it is an animation technique that uses moving text to express ideas using video animation to capture attention, set a tone and entertain.

Animated typography or kinetic typography brings fonts to life. It can be used to make written content grow, shrink, soar, dance, bend, and change in an almost endless variety of ways.

Kinetic typography has been popular since so many years and it was seen everywhere from movie openings, music videos to TV commercials but nowadays it is just not restricted to that but It seems to be everywhere right now – for mobile apps and websites too where it is used to make their words more impactful and add an element of artistry.

The most effective uses for kinetic typography are as follows:

  • For producing emotive content
  • Emphasize the meaning of a text
  • for grabbing focus

The animated text increased the overall satisfaction and happiness involved with reading the words. Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest (1959) is credited as the first feature film to extensively use kinetic typography.

Let us elaborate on the amazing kinetic (animated) typography by using examples.

Visualize Kinetic Typography Through Examples

  • Hypnotizing Text
  • Indecisiveness-animated
  • Fluid Geometry
  • Complex Morphing
  • Graphic Animations
  • Rick Shaffer – Engraved Typography
  • Rviz-Loading Animation
  • Dash Typography
  • Illustrated Letters
  • The Scrabble Effect Typography
  • Emotion filled animated letters
  • Creative letters
  • Neon Flickering
  • Drawing the text letter by letter
  • Moving Text



This impressive animated text will surely keep your attention so strongly that you just cannot look away.

Indecisiveness- Animated


Perfect animated text to show how the thoughts wander in mind. Each and every word in the text is eye-catching and thoughtful.

Fluid Geometry


This new kind of typography animation technique has a smooth and steady flow of the letters which gives a splendid view of the text.

Complex Morphing


This technique grabs your attention and conveys the message easily. Here the symbols of London create the name of the city.

Graphic Animations


It is a variation of stop motion where individual photographs pan up and down, and/or across, one at a time.

Rick Shaffer- Engraved Typography


This engraved lettering oval script swash wood typography inspires us to highlight with style.

Rviz-Loading Animation


The best example for loading animation inspiration is from Rviz. This is an early animation exploration for the SNKRS app loader.

Dash Typography


We can call it simple yet elegant typography as it conveys the message in a very simple way but has an effective impact.

Illustrated Letters


Common, yet attractive form of typography.

The Scrabble Effect Typography


Surprise the viewers with this scrabble effect animation and convey a message they remember for a long duration as it is presented in a unique way.

Emotion Filled Animated Letters


We feel, what we read. Therefore giving emotions to letters simultaneously affects our emotions.

Creative Letters


Surprise everyone with this creative letters typography as a single letter conveys the message itself. For instance the replacement of letter ‘I’ with the image conveys the thought easily.

Neon Flickering


This typography guarantees that your message will get noticed easily and effectively with the flickering effect. This is used quite frequently in ads for pubs and bars.

Drawing The Text Letter by Letter


This typography is not new but one can convey the message more creatively by choosing the right font and other complimentary graphic elements.

Moving Text


Either the text moves from right to left or up to down the view is spectacular. It’s just that the technique can be paired with appropriate words so as to emphasize the meaning of the words and surprise the viewer.