10 Handwriting Fonts You Can Download And Use For Free

Taking care of small things, might bring you a huge success. Similarly font seems to be a very small thing but plays a vital role in whichever field you are into. It represents your brand.

Handwritten fonts are nothing new but they have gained popularity over the years. These fonts are not written in just one style of typography, they come in variety of executions and are often based on freeform illustrations.

Handwritten fonts bring life to the designs in a unique way whether it is written for logos, social media graphics or posters. Here are 10 best free handwriting fonts for designers:

Bs Signature

“BS Signature” ensembles best for stationery, logo, typography quotes, magazine or book cover, clothing, branding, packaging design and much more as it gives a handcrafted look to the designs. This font is designed by Bangun Studio.

Coral Pen

A classy handwriting style designed by Suzuran San. Coral Pen script, a font that is very fresh and unique style handmade. Free for personal use.

The Skinny

This handwritten font was created by Jusebox. This font is now completely free for commercial use. Letters are closely spaced to one another with uneven lining and curves of the letters demonstrates a child learning to write and speaking his heart out.

Tragic Marker

Tragic Marker is a free handwritten font fabricated with fat marker. Free for personal and commercial use.


Fun and playful font designed by Melissa Campbell. Chomp font can be used for preparing typing messages notes. Free for commercial use.

Daddy’s Girl

Daddys Girl is a script, handwritten font designed by Vanessa Bays. It has 99 defined characters and 88 unique glyphs. Free for personal use only.


Stingray fonts designed by Youssef Habchi is free for personal use. Unique thick writing style, always tilted towards right as if signifying to move ahead.

Coalhand Luke

Coalhand Luke was designed by Joebob graphics by using a piece of charcoal. Free for personal and commercial use.

Affectionately Yours

Affectionately Yours font is designed by Misti’s Fonts and is free for personal use. An eye-soothing font as each letter is attached to each other in a pleasant way.

Claire Hand

Claire Hand is a fun, bold and friendly handwritten style. It has been designed by team Scope. What makes it more unique is that each letter is created in three different weights.