10 Cartoon Fonts You Can Download And Use For Free

Cartoon – the name itself derives us crazy and remind us of childhood memories of illustrations or animated images but not only the images but cartoon fonts too have strong effect on everyone’s mind be it adult or child.

Cartoon fonts do create convulsions in the mind of everyone. These fonts are widely used in comic books and the comic series. Comic and cartoon books are for entertainment and it cannot be boring.

Therefore, apart from images and good content, the font style of the book plays a great role in enticing readers.

Tooney Noodle

Tooney Noodle is designed by Nick’s Fonts (NF). The outline and extruded drop shadow gives this font an embossed look.


Badaboom BB font is designed by Blambot Comic Fonts and is free for personal use. It is informal and goes well with enjoyable comic books. Designed for words like BlaHH.. and BLAM!

Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust is designed by Herofonts and is free for personal use only. Simplicity of Diamond Dust adds a subtle grace to any piece of writing and brings the design at the higher level.

Kids Zone

Kids Zone is designed by Figuree Studio and is free for personal use only. The font style itself creates enthusiasm in the mind of the reader to read ahead.

Super Mario 256

Bold and influential – Super Mario 256 font is created by fsuarez913. This font is inspired by Mario lettering style which was first seen on the Super Mario Bros.3 title screen.

Sketchy Comic

Sketchy Comic is designed by Ivan Perez and is free for personal use. Each letter and symbol of this font has got a shade to give your book a personalized touch.

Jelly Crazies

Jelly Crazies is created by Imagex and is free for personal use. Its bold and dark style is pretty appropriate for designing cartoon based banner, poster and comics.


Porky’s Font Family is made by Font-a-licious and free for personal use. Another fun font family, you can create a logo or a write up for any greetings card, magazine or any other creative design to give it a lively fun feel.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds font here refers to the font used in the logo of the popular addictive game Angry Birds. This font is free for personal use. The uneven edges of each letter gives a ravenous look to the logo text or titles of a comic. This font was generated by the Font Squirrel Generator.

Candy Pop!

Candy Pop is created by deFharo and is free for personal use. It is cool and funny organic forms with pop style, the uneven contour, bezel type, makes the design of titles, two or more colors, for posters, flyers or commercials worth using.