Order Submission

Submitting your jobs after the cut off time may cause delays.

Same Day return Orders / RUSH, need to be submitted by 3:00PM(EST).
Jobs submitted on holidays, Saturday or Sunday, will be processed on the next business day.

Quality Terms & Conditions

CRADesigns aims for for 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction; however, it is the responsibility of our customer to proof all final designs and to ensure legal image usage rights. Any error made on our part, will be fixed right away at no additional charge. Order cancellation & refund is subjective for which the request needs to be e-mailed to orders@cradesigns.com the same day the order is submitted. Same-day orders i.e. Rush Orders are not subject to cancellation once submitted.

You must check the “I Agree” check box below to proceed with your order. Thank you.

Buyer-Seller Sales Term Agreement

  1. The purchaser of digitally prepared Art files through the Internet site agrees that CRA’s standard payment terms are due at the time of the requested services.
  2. No other credit terms or condition of purchase orders super cede or, amend from, the terms of this Buyer-Seller agreement unless mutually agreed on in writing by both parties.
  3. The purchaser agrees to pay a service charge of $25.00 for each payment transaction that is returned or charged backed to CAMERAReadyArt.


Full refunds are subjective and applicable for orders which are canceled the same day for which we receive them. The cancellation request must be made by e-mail to orders@cradesigns.com and be for non-same-day service orders.

Once we begin working on the order it can no longer be canceled. Should you find an error or need something changed, let us know as soon as possible and we will make the adjustment or improvement to your order.


A correction is if we made a mistake on your order or if there is a minor revision which is part of the original request.

A revision is if we are asked to do work on the order that is new and not part of the original instructions for the order.