What is CRADesigns?

CRADesigns is full service Digital and Print design agency. We create unique and smart digital impression through bespoke designs – we use design as a strategic tool to understand our customers, their business challenges, expectations and help them discover newer opportunities and make correct decision.

How do I create an order?

To create an order, go to a specific offering/service page and create your order by selecting the most appropriate service type (for e.g. Static Banner Ads, Animated GIF Banner Ads or HTML5 Banner Ads). Next step is to click Order Now and fill in order details which includes your contact details, order specifications, attachments if any.

Once your order is completed, we will send you completed job as an attachment to your email.

How can I pay for my order?

We will invoice you once a week and payment can be made using Credit card, Paypal and direct bank wire transfer. You can also pay for per job if the volume is less.

What file formats can I get back?

Depending upon your order type, we can return completed files in most common file formats that you need i.e. JPEG, PSD, AI, TIFF, GIF, HTML5, DST, EMB, PNG etc.

What do you mean by ‘Free Revisions Included’?

We offer minor to moderate editing on your completed order at no cost. These includes changing size, color, adjusting text or saving file in different file formats or versions. Anything outside of original job work scope, will be considered as new job request.

I need a change on my order, what do I do?

To make correction or small adjustments in a delivered order, it is possible to request a Revision or Correction (within reason). Please send an e-mail detailing what you need fixed/changed to orders@cradesigns.com including the order number.

What’s the difference between a correction and a revision?

You may need some additional work done to an order or have a mistake that needs correcting. A correction is for when we make a mistake or if you need a minor adjustment made to a completed order. There is no charge for a correction. A revision is when you need new work done to a completed order and what you are requesting was not in the original job submission. Revisions are done for a fee, but it is at a reduced rate versus doing a brand new order.

Is your site secure?

Yes, you will notice “https” in our website which means our website encrypts all it’s information to keep your information secure and to protect your privacy.

I need a quote, how can I get one?

Please fill out Quote Request Form or send an e-mail detailing what you designed to orders@cradesigns.com and we’d happy to let you the best and lowest price to get your design ready.

What’s your return/credit policy?

While submitting order, you should agree to our Terms & Conditions which state: CRADesigns aims for for 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction; however, it is the responsibility of our customer to proof all final designs and to ensure legal image usage rights. Any error made on our part, will be fixed right away at no additional charge. Order cancellation & refund is subjective for which the request needs to be e-mailed to orders@cradesigns.com the same day the order is submitted. Same-day orders i.e. Rush Orders are not subject to cancellation once submitted.

You must check the “I Agree” check box on the order form for each order in order to proceed with your job. Thank you.

Confidentiality and Non-Compete Statement

All artwork completed by CRADesigns.com belongs to the owner/originator of the order/client. CRADesigns will not reproduce or disseminate any client’s order without prior written approval from the owner/originator.

In addition, all information and artwork sent to CRADesigns, in both print and electronic medium, is confidential and under no circumstances will be used or shared with any other company, including our own entities, for any purpose.

All images, photographs, and digital art may be subject to copyright or trademark. Although CRADesigns reproduces or modify an artwork or a design, it is the responsibility of our clients to obtain all usage rights and to abide by all intellectual property laws.